Our Vision

 loving unconditionally and sharing God’s love with truth and compassion

Our Mission

We will help people to become Christians, and then to discover, develop and use their God-given abilities to serve the body of Christ and grow the Kingdom of God.  The scope of our mission is global, while our primary field of responsibility and ministry is the Grande Ronde Valley.

Our Personality

Valley Fellowship maintains a God-centered foundation with a people-oriented framework of ministry.  We intend to meet personal needs and to facilitate personal growth with the intention of strengthening the individual’s relationship to the Lord.  Consequently, our programming is practical in nature and informal in format.  Our worship, small groups, youth ministry, outreach activities, etc., are reflections this mindset.

Another aspect of Valley Fellowship’s congregational personality is an overall emphasis on holy living — responsible stewardship and integrity in all areas of members’ lives.  Without being legalistic or overbearing, the leadership of Valley Fellowship encourages members:

1)  to develop and maintain a consistent, effective prayer life.

2)  to read and be changed by the teachings of the Bible and to allow the Holy Spirit to develop Christ-like character.

3)  to speak openly of their faith in Jesus Christ (in Christian and non-Christian settings).

4)  to worship and interact with regularity and freedom.

5)  to actively serve according to personal giftedness, passion, temperament, skill/talent, available time, and maturity.

6)  to contribute financially (beginning with a tithe) to the work of the church.

7)  to seriously support worldwide evangelism and missions.

8)  to participate in godly recreation and entertainment.

9)  to use wholesome language and inoffensive humor.

10)  to maintain sexual purity and to hold marriage and family in high regard.

11)  to acknowledge/deal with habits which contradict scripture.

12)  to respect and care for their financial and business concerns and their material possessions.

13)  to handle offenses/conflicts biblically (Matthew 18:15-17).

14)  to care for their physical bodies (diet, rest, exercise, etc.).

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of standards or “requirements” . . . suffice it to say that Valley Fellowship takes seriously the Believer’s commitment to be followers of Jesus and to become like Him.





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